Karen Barnaby, ThisFish, and Albion Fisheries

We’re very excited that this year’s Best Catch Sustainable Seafood Festival will feature a cooking demonstration by local chef Karen Barnaby. Chef Barnaby has authored a number of cookbooks and regularly contributes columns to the Vancouver Sun. After many years as executive chef at the venerable Fish House Restaurant, Karen Barnaby is now working on product development at Albion Fisheries. It just so happens that Albion Fisheries participates in the ThisFish traceability program. So for Chef Barnaby’s demonstration, Albion Fisheries will be sponsoring the salmon and ThisFish will be on hand to show the audience how the program works!

ThisFish is committed to helping you make more informed choices about the authenticity, quality and sustainability of the seafood you eat, while promoting the folks who proudly stand behind their catch. We want to make the seafood business more transparent and reward those who responsibly harvest and handle your catch. We believe there shouldn’t be anything fishy about eating seafood.

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